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Protein Powder - What You Need To Know

Protein Powder - What You Need To Know

In this post I will discuss the different protein powders on the market today and the different things you can achieve with each powder. A important point to remember when you integrate protein supplements into your diet is to check if they have no artificial ingredients and additives which are not good  for you diet.

Check the size of protein serving you should take, these will be different dependent on if you are a man or a woman and even may vary person to person. The main purpose of protein is not to beef you up or get really big muscles but to keep you strong and healthy by giving your body essential nutrients vital for your body to grow and repair itself. Protein can have a major effect on helping your muscles recover post workout.

The most well known protein powders include:

Whey Protein
This is the most well known protein on sale today. Whey protein is a liquid by-product when cheese is produced, it can also be separated from milk. The advantage of whey protein is that it can give you all the important amino acids your body does not naturally produce. Whey protein is quite cheap and enters the system quickly. When buying a whey protein you need to be aware that there are different types, so being aware what each one is can be important.

Whey Protein Isolate                                                                                             With whey protein isolate having a high protein content of 90% to 95% and very low lactose and fat content. It is easy to see why it has become very popular.

Whey Protein Concentrate
A very cheap option when your budget is tight, the protein content is still good around 60-90% dependent on which one you choose. However the drawback is that it has higher levels of fat and carbohydrates (lactose).

Whey Protein Hydrolysate 
A great protein powder if you are looking for a high protein level,  at 99% per 100 grams you will not find better.  However like with most things you pay for quality.  This is the most expensive protein powder on the market.

Soy Protein
Made from soy beans soy protein it is plant based and is one of the few proteins which have all the nine amino acids you need. Soy protein is made from soybeans which have been hulled, dried and turned into soy flour.

The proteins listed above are just a few of the proteins on sale today. You will need to choose what protein powder will help you achieve you personal training and fitness goals. 

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