Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Best Time To Take Creatine

Our team here at Pacific Protein are all agreed on the benefits of creatine in any of its many forms which include creatine, Creatine monohydrate,  HCL, Ethyl Ester, free-acid. Many of our team regularly take creatine and swear by the results it gives. We believe we are in a good position to advise on the benefits of taking creatine supplements.
We will set out our opinion on what are the best times to take creatine supplements after looking at the creatine facts, so you can get the best results from taking creatine. This will improve the results you achieve from your training program.

The best time to Take Creatine

Like any other supplement there is a optimum time to take creatine so you receive all the benefits the supplement has to offer. In our opinion the best times to take creatine are:
Pre Workout
The vast majority of body builders take creatine pre workout meaning within 30 minutes of your training routine. This is because it is believed that the nutrients in the creatine is immediately absorbed into your duodenum, blood and muscle cells to intensify your training program.
Post Workout
Were going to get straight to point we think from our own experiences and the research we have done, the best time to take creatine is post workout. We believe that the reasons for this are after working out creatine is depleted. When you eat after training insulin is increased which provides carbs to boost creatine absorption. The creatine will then expand the muscle cells to provide energy which triggers muscle growth.

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