Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The hidden benefits of Glutamine

The hidden benefits of Glutamine

Glutamine is naturally produced by your body. You can also top up the amount of glutamine your body receives by having a balanced diet or taking glutamine supplements. Glutamine is a amiino acid which is the most found amino acid in your body. when you do a intensive training program your body will need more glutamine powder. Having extra glutamine in your diet when doing exercise may help combat infections and injuries.
 What can glutamine supplements be used for

The most common use of a glutamine to help if you have a injury or wound.If you receive a injury when training your body will release cortisol into your blood. This as the effect of reducing the amount of glutamine you have in your body.
Glutamine can be helpful if you take part in sports with heavy physical exercise like triathletes which are more likely to suffer from colds and infections. It has been shown in studies that endurance athletes can benefit from taking glutamine supplements. The glutamine supplement will boost your immune system stopping colds and infections.
In recent years scientists trying to combat bowel disease have found that glutamine will protect your GI tract. It does this by protecting the mucosa lining. Research has found that people with higher levels of glutamine can be protected from bowel disease.It is hoped in the future we may better understand the full picture of how glutamine can help.
In my opinion the most important use for for glutamine amino acid is helping in the treatment of cancer. Taken in conjunction with chemotherapy which treats the cancer. Glutamine supplements will give you the extra nutrients which your body looses when you have have the cancer treatment. Glutamine can also cut down the the chances of getting stomatitis which can be a side effect of taking Chemotherapy.

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